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Series: New You!
Speaker: Pastor Steve Speer

Pandemic closures and stay at home orders changed a lot how we participated in life.  Perhaps you picked up a new hobby.  Maybe hiking with the 1000s of others who clogged the trailheads looking for something different to see, maybe biking or jump roping or possibly walking...  Then there were those for whom COVID-19 stood for the 19 pounds we gained because we didn't do any of the previously listed things and instead ate bags of potato chips or baked goods or comfort foods while watching more shows or movies than we had before...  This pandemic has changed a lot of our habits and patterns...   A pastor somewhere said: We will likely emerge from the pandemic as  one of a few things - a monk - a hunk - a drunk - or a chunk...  Hits a little too close to home doesn't it?  

Which brings us to today.  As we experience the tension of places opening back up and maybe closing again in the near future - we have an opportunity.  Do we keep going with what we have been doing in life for the last 18 months or do we need to use our community reopening to launch into a new set of patterns that set us up to become the people who we want to be going into the future?