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ACTS: Share the Good News
Speaker: Pastor Steve Speer
The world and culture that surrounds us resembles that of early church unlike any other point in my lifetime. Like many other large West Coast cities, Seattle and its suburbs have become "post Christian" or live by the philosophical ideal of "postmodernism". Very few know, and even fewer have had lived out for them, the Good News of Jesus. Pluralism, the ideal that many different and even contradictory belief systems can be correct, effects us today in very similar ways as the first century followers of Jesus. Which gives us a window to look in and see how the disciples responded to the Jewish and gentile cultures that Jesus commanded them and now us to go and make more disciples in.
In Acts we discover our path forward as a church. We will learn from the values, perspectives and experiences of the disciples. We will engage with the part we play in making disciples, the part God plays in making disciples and the way we work together to live out the good news of Jesus.  - Pastor Steve