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Speaker: Pastor Steve Speer
When you are out on a lake, the ocean or a large river like the Columbia, a boat is a comfortable place to be. While we might not understand all the reasons why a boat keeps us dry and afloat, to get out of the boat means leaving the comfortable and being a bit risky. If you have every snorkeled in the ocean getting out of the boat and into waters that sharks or other fish that are larger than a person can be a bit unnerving.

In a notable biblical story, Peter asks to join Jesus who is walking on the water of a lake nearby the boat Peter is on. He steps out of the comfort of where he is and into the place where Jesus is. The story doesn't end particularly well for Peter, but the risk of stepping out and lesson of trusting Jesus are very clear.

As we begin 2022, where are we being invited to step out of our comfortable and into an adventure with Jesus? Join me as we explore 5 specific adventures that build on each other and describe the adventure Jesus has invited us into!- Pastor Steve