October 31, Sunday Service

Oct 31, 2021    Pastor Dale Menzies
Our faith and redemption in Christ are based upon God’s Grace. What a boundless love we have received! Thank-you Lord!!
The truth of Grace is so vast, that we may never fully understand or appreciate the depth of God’s Grace. Its like a deep ocean of love and mercy that has been given to us; so deep we may never get to the bottom of it. We have talked about the blessing of God’s Grace throughout October, and there is always more to praise God for and to grow in this powerful provision.
On Sunday, I want to conclude this series with some of the practical aspects of how we live out that Grace in our life journey – through every circumstance, and in the ups and the downs.
As we prepare for Sunday, I would like you to think about your “Grace Story”. What has happened in your life, that makes up your experience of God’s Grace?
We will be telling some stories of practical aspects of living out that Grace before our family and our community.