September 11, Sunday Service

Sep 11, 2022

Perhaps as a kid, you were told to go outside and play, or taken to the park and told to go play. In our neighborhoods, parks or schools there were almost built in opportunities to find friends. Maybe your childhood had a different story and a lack of friends is what you started with. As we enter adulthood the whole built in friend opportunities changes dramatically though doesn't it? Especially in the greater Seattle metro area where friendliness is extended - but not usually friendship. This can make adulthood isolating, alone and feeling like we are on a relational island. Which brings me to a very important question...

How can we follow Jesus command to "Go and make disciples" if we don't really have any friends? Please join me as we unpack and explore how the truth of Jesus invades and transforms our perspective and societal norms - so that we can live a truly meaningful life that changes the world around us.