June 6, Sunday Service

Jun 6, 2021    Pastor Steve Speer
Remember when the news was just the news? You know back before CNN or FOX existed? Since there aren’t 24 hours of newsworthy things to broadcast... cable news upped the temperature and hired pundits to tell us what they thought about the news and therefore what we too should think/feel about the news. What draws audiences to these shows? The outrage of the pundits.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t limited to cable news. If you want people to pay attention, say something incendiary and a crowd will gather to watch - whether you are a politician or an average person. So now it seems that all we have in our civic discourse is two sides trying to burn each other down.

This is a really significant problem in our culture, but it becomes even more problematic when it is from people who profess to follow Jesus. What do I mean? Join me Sunday as we explore how followers of Jesus shouldn’t behave in this way!