Christmas is a very feel good time of year.  Rituals and traditions bring family and friends together. Food and sweets are typically abundant.  Memories are remembered from years past and hopefully new memories are made from this year.  We remember Jesus born, and it is a warm emotion... after all only an ogre or grinch would consider a baby coldly.  But, is that what Christmas really is?  Is it just warm and fuzzy feelings?  Is it just opulent gifts and credit card debt to be paid off next year?  Is it just weird sweaters and egg nog or is it just music that normal people refuse to listen to for 11 months of the year?

Or... Is Christmas a subversive story about the birth of an empire that stands against the old one?  Is Christmas a subversive story about the coming of a new king whose existence dethrones the current king?  Maybe more importantly... is that empire and king good news?

With all the chaos, and tension and volatility of our nation and community, the Christmas story can be truly revolutionary!