May 1, Sunday Service

May 1, 2022    Pastor Steve Speer
Do you remember how intoxicating it was, or still is, to get a "like" or a "share" to a post on social media? Regardless of whether we like social media or not, could you have imagined 10 years ago that a person could make a livable wage and even more than that just by posting to social media as an "influencer"? There is something so appealing about the validation, the approval and recognition of others. In many ways we are addicted to it. I certainly was addicted to it and still battle it as if I am being pulled toward it like gravity pulls on us.

But what is the outcome of that being addicted to approval? How does it effect us as followers of Jesus? This Sunday, I am excited to unpack a well known story about a husband and wife that shows us what is true about living for Jesus.