February 27, Sunday Service

Feb 27, 2022    Pastor Steve Speer

We are drawn to people who are excited about something. We celebrate alongside athletes when our team succeeds and wins. Their dances or post score antics are frequently highlighted on sports shows and even on the news. People flock to hear the likes of Tony Robbins and other people who are set up as self-help gurus. The list can go on and on.... John Wesley the forefather of Methodist churches famously said: "Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn." How true is that, right? This Sunday we will begin to unpack the arrival and effect of the Holy Spirit, whose arrival was demonstrated through exactly what Wesley said centuries later. But rather than amping themselves up or stirring themselves into a frenzy like we might see in the pregame rituals of many sports teams, the Holy Spirit overflows out of the disciples and people come running to see what is going on. Join me this week as we explore being set on fire by the Holy Spirit.