Pastors & Staff

Steve Speer

Lead Pastor

My Family:  My wife Carla and I married in 1999 while I was the Jr. High director here at Northlake.  We have two children; Haley and Jackson.  I have been on staff at Northlake since October 20, 1999.   I have served as the Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor and am currently serving as Northlake's Lead Pastor.
Where I grew up:  I grew up right here in the Lynnwood/Bothell area and graduated from Seattle Bible College in 2000.
My Heroes:  Many people have helped me to develop into the person that I am today.  I am able to stand on their shoulders and hope to provide the same vantage point to those who will come after me. 

Dale Menzies

Discipleship Pastor

My Family:  I have been married to Debbie since 1984. We have four daughters; Breanna, Brittany, Brooke and Braelyn, as well as two son-in-laws, Chris and Jay.  I have  been on staff at Northlake since February 16, 2000.  I began as Northlake's Worship Pastor and am currently serving as Northlake's Discipleship Pastor.
Where I grew up:  I grew up in Regina Saskatchewan in Canada.
My Heroes:  My heroes most definitely would be my Mom and Dad. They were such faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and raised their family to do the same. My greatest hope is that I continue to pass that legacy on to my children and their families. (We do have a couple of son-in laws now, although we STILL don’t have any grandchildren!)

TJ Lukkasson

Family Pastor

My Family: I married my beautiful wife Mikayla on May 13, 2017. We don't have any kids yet, but we look forward to it greatly! Mikayla is in the process of becoming an elementary school teacher.
Where I grew up: I grew up in Belfair, Washington, and I loved it! Many people from there can't wait to get away, but I always really enjoyed living there. I love Washington for its rain, and forests, and mountains, and I hope I never have to live anywhere other than this region of the country.
My Heroes: My heroes are the Protestant Reformers, who stood for the truths of Scripture against the corrupt church structure of their day. Men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, William Tyndale and others. These men confronted the error of their day with vigor and determination, and I hope to live a life like theirs.

Molly Sligh

Worship Lead

My Family: My husband Auston, and I grew up at Northlake and got married in 2008. We have two darling, hilarious, and joy bringing sons, Moses and Shepherd, and a third baby on its way! I have been on staff at Northlake as the Worship Leader since July 25, 2016.
Where I grew up: I grew up in South Everett and am blessed to still be living in my childhood home (thanks Mom and Dad!).
My Heroes: I draw so much inspiration from women around the globe and in my life, who are following Jesus with all that they are, no matter the cost or the way it looks to the world. Their call is from Jesus, not man. Additionally, my heroes are the women of the Bible who boldly pursued Jesus the same way; Priscilla from Acts, Mary, Jesus's mother, the woman with the alabaster jar. I want to be like them, giving myself as a living sacrifice in each and every season and opportunity God places me in.

Patti Trimble

Administrative Assistant

My Family:  Darren and I have been married since 1993.  Jordan is our daughter, Jesse is our son-in-law and they have two children Kaiden and Katalina.  Connor is our son and his wife's name is Mary.   I began working at Northlake on August 26, 1999 but did step out of my role for a few years and have been back since November 16, 2015.  I am currently serving as one of the Administrative Assistants in the office. 
Where I grew up:  I grew up in Sneads Ferry, NC but have lived in Washington since 1992.
My Hero:  My mom is my hero!  She raised three girls by herself and always made sure we had exactly what we needed.  She is a breast cancer survivor and is now living with Alzheimers.   She is the perfect example of dedication to the people she loves and she is the strongest woman I know.   My superhero is Wonder Woman!  I couldn't wait as a child to watch her fly off in her invisible plane! 

Carrie Bohot

Administrative Assistant

My Family:  I have been married to Richard since 2012, together we have 7 children; Jacob, Amanda, Patrick, Samuel, Caleb, Madison and Owen. One daughter-in- law Karly and two grandchildren Silas and Chandler and one grand baby on the way. I have been on staff at Northlake since October 28, 2002.  I am currently serving as one of the Administrative Assistants in the church office as well as support to our children's ministry, Family Central.
Where I grew up:  I grew up in Missouri with my family until I was 20.
My Hero:  My hero was my mother Gail.  She always sent me letters letting me know how much God loves me, and that He would be with me in everything.  She just loved so well!  She showed me how to give everything to God and how to worship Him in singing and dancing and not worry about who was watching.
Even when she became sick, she wouldn’t stop worshiping God.  She endured many things!