Welcome to Family Central

At Northlake, we call our Kids Ministry, "Family Central."

Why? Because we recognize that kids ministry is a team sport. Family Central ministry does not exist to replace parents, but rather to support them. We understand that God has entrusted you, as a parent, with the duty and privilege of raising up your children, and it is our desire to simply come alongside you and provide counsel, resources, and support as you seek to obey God's call to disciple your kids.

In order to live this out, we provide two key avenues at Northlake.
(Due to COVID - 19 in person class has been temporarily postponed) 
Sprout 2's - Tyke Town Kindergarten: Lessons are mailed out each month along with a link to a weekly video.
Journey 1st - 6th grade: Lessons are mailed out each month and a weekly video can be viewed by Clicking Here!

Questions? Email Pastor Vickie to connect!
(Due to COVID - 19 this has been temporarily postponed) 
Tuesday evening kids life groups focus on helping kids to grow in community and in their ability to comprehend and express their faith.

Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:30pm.

Questions? Email Pastor Vickie for more information.

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