Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The elders met on December 16th  and have set Martin Luther King Jr Day weekend as our targeted return to in-person services.  This will help us make a determination later based on how Christmas or New Years holidays have effected our community.   As we prepare for that return, we will be making some adjustments.  Starting on December 27, we are going to return to celebrating communion together as part of the service even if it is online.  Grab a coffee, juice, wine, water, soda and a cracker, bread, pancake, dinner roll etc. and celebrate with us!  Additionally because of congregational singing restrictions we are going to start exploring alternative forms of worship weekly starting with our broadcasts and migrating into our future in-person services.  

Music is a fantastic and valuable resource for worship but it is far from the only resource.  So while we cannot sing congregationally, we are going to embrace that worship encompasses so much more than we have typically participated in at Northlake.  Join us in the coming weeks to experience new forms of worship that may expand your interaction with God!  

What Does Scripture Call For?
In Romans 13:1-5, Paul encourages us by speaking of the need to follow the direction of government authorities.  Our local authorities are seeking the best for our communities by attempting to restrict the transmission of COVID-19 and limit the impact to those in our community that are at great risk.  It is our intention to honor authorities and elected representatives, do what is right for our community, and serve those in our church who could be adversely effected by exposure to this virus.
Leadership Availability
If you have questions, concerns or creative ideas as we navigate our response to this situation, we would love to hear from you.  Feedback can be given by e-mailing me, Pastor Steve, or by calling the church office during business hours, at (425) 672-8044.  
Our pastors and staff will continue to be available to assist in any way we can to care and support you and the church.
We pray for God’s grace, peace and confidence as we all continue to navigate this unique and challenging situation.
Pastor Steve
Lead Pastor