Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Prayerfully and with a desire to care for the members and attenders of our congregation and community the Elders have decided to close the facility to live services starting immediately as well as all mid-week gatherings.  This decision reflects the growing danger in our community as COVID-19 cases are rising to their highest levels yet.  For now, we are planning online only services through the end of November.  Again I am grateful for the wisdom and discernment that God has given to the leadership teams of Northlake and our unified desire to represent Jesus to our community in the most honoring way possible.  

As we return to online only, we are given an opportunity to put our faith/hope in Jesus on display to the community around us,  we are given an opportunity to love them even through confusing seasons,  we are given opportunity to sacrifice our in-person gathering to not further spread the virus and we are given an opportunity to put love into action.  What makes me the most excited in the middle of all these changes and chaos is that God is preparing us to reach our community in a way that would not have been possible before.  Jesus is still at work, Jesus is still preparing us, Jesus still has plans for us and he hasn't given up on us yet!

Please join me in praying for our church, our community and our witness as we move into new levels of infection.  I love and care for you all.  May God truly use us to change the world!  

What Does Scripture Call For?
In Romans 13:1-5, Paul encourages us by speaking of the need to follow the direction of government authorities.  Our local authorities are seeking the best for our communities by attempting to restrict the transmission of COVID-19 and limit the impact to those in our community that are at great risk.  It is our intention to honor authorities and elected representatives, do what is right for our community, and serve those in our church who could be adversely effected by exposure to this virus.
Leadership Availability
If you have questions, concerns or creative ideas as we navigate our response to this situation, we would love to hear from you.  Feedback can be given by e-mailing me, Pastor Steve, or by calling the church office during business hours, at (425) 672-8044.  
Our pastors and staff will continue to be available to assist in any way we can to care and support you and the church.
We pray for God’s grace, peace and confidence as we all continue to navigate this unique and challenging situation.
Pastor Steve
Lead Pastor